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hello friends! i'm new, and i'm very excited because the goals of this community seem to match up with me very well! so i'm super excited. i guess i'll start by talking a little about my new planner that i'm kind of obsessed with...

its made of some sort of canvas. its swedish, so naturally its pulled together and cool looking all at the same time. plus its a good size, not to small but not to big and its not heavy (like my old coach one) so i can carry it with me every where. i love it!
so thats my recent goodie, that i'm loving. i'm living in spain right now, doing an internship for the summer, and all the sales started yesterday, so i'm sure i'll have something new to show you all soon!

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i have to do a project in art
its on a fashion designer

any suggestions as to who i should do
theres so manyy i can't decideee

thanks guys =)

- post pictures of your outfits everyday (not very hard =P)
- or any news about designers & fashion showss


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I'm loving this community, although its not loving me back, lol. When people post it does not show up on my friends page, I have to actually go into the lj site everytime. How can I fix this? Thanks, xoxo
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