Miss Tanya Mae (198735168461328) wrote in tres__fabulous,
Miss Tanya Mae

I hate not being able to update as much as I'd like. My computer is now in the shop... before I even get the chance to buy my stupid external hard drive. I really hope things aren't lost.

Well, for the important news. I hope to be going to Columbia College Chicago during the fall of 2006 for fashion design. Until then, it's fashion education overdrive. I'm currently reading 20th Century Fashion, Chanel (a huge book about her history and influences), and The Designer's Color Guide. I'm really committed and I hope to get my own line out by this summer (for bragging rights, the challenge, and the desire to create).

I have a reputation at the place where I work as the prissy girl since I dress well every day. My favorite outfit that I wore was mod-themed-- black corduroy pants, white pointy toe stilettos, a purple, silk Express top, and a white DKNY jacket. It looked really great. I wish I had my computer so I could post pictures.

By the way, I really love Lilly Cole right now. I always have found red-heads striking, plus she has beautiful huge eyes and the prettiest baby-doll mouth. Hopefully I can put up my favorite pictures once I get my computer back.

Lastly, have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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