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9/27/05- Lohan admits she was too thin

Lindsay Lohan has admitted she became dangerously thin earlier this year. .

The teen actress sparked fears for her health after being photographed looking super skinny - and now confesses she was too thin. .

The 19-year-old is quoted in the Daily Record newspaper as saying: "I was going through a rough time and wasn't taking care of myself. I want to encourage young girls not to get to that point." .
The 'Mean Girls' star - who has now started to gain weight - claimed she will probably be criticised for plumping up. She is quoted on the All Headline News website as saying: "Now they're going to say I am overweight, which is ridiculous." .

She added: "I don't know what to say to that - you grow up and you mature." The actress recently revealed she wants to gain weight because she wants her cleavage back.

She said: "I'm working out with my trainer now and eating healthily. I want my boobs back!" A source added: "She is sick of being in the tabloids for being too skinny.".